Manic Mommies The Teen Years

The Manic Mommies Return

March 22, 2020 Kristin Brandt & Erin Kane Season 11 Episode 1
Manic Mommies The Teen Years
The Manic Mommies Return
Manic Mommies The Teen Years
The Manic Mommies Return
Mar 22, 2020 Season 11 Episode 1
Kristin Brandt & Erin Kane

The Manic Mommies are back! The threat of coronavirus is here, and the moms need a sanity saver. Join us as we talk about our new normal, online learning, working from home, and how we're trying to keeping it together.

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The Manic Mommies are back! The threat of coronavirus is here, and the moms need a sanity saver. Join us as we talk about our new normal, online learning, working from home, and how we're trying to keeping it together.

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you're listening to the manic mommy's broadcasting again. So embarrassing. You feed the dog, please. Yes, please. Now, pause for parenting. Did you do your online school today? Don't try to be politically correct, people. I can't deal. I can't deal with us. You just get it done. Visit Kristen and I'm Erin,

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and you're listening to manage Mommy's podcast for Mom's trying to do it all in the

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middle of a public health pandemic. We're back, baby. Nothing could bring the manic mommy's back. But Corona virus, I feel like this is

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a service like I'm trapped in my house. Okay? Trapped in my house.

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Are you literally trapped like is your state told you you can't go out because ours has. I'm people might not remember. I live in the state of New York. A largest number of Corona virus cases in the country. Thank you.

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That your current status, I'm in a little bit trying to self isolate from the news. Yeah, just for my personal sanity. Um, I am in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not a state fun fact. Um, we have not been, in fact, Charlie Baker on Friday. We're all waiting like the rumors were running rampant. And so I'm listening to his press conference and he was like, For the record, we are not locking you all down. Stop listening to rumors like his press conferences have been hilarious because he's like talking like a person with

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Governor Cuomo. I would say the same for our governor, and I know what I

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don't want. You know, we're not gonna get into politics or anything like that. But I just appreciate when they're not like we're like he said last week, He's like, Look, I swear He said it was a look. This is not a chance for you to get all your kids together and play outside in the yard. If you're gonna do that, we might as well just have school. Like the way he said it was so like, Let's be really people, Um, which I again, I appreciate it. So no, we're not in total lock down,

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but I'm trying

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to be as thoughtful about it is possible, right? So, like I ran out this weekend to get, you know, just restock some stuff and with the thought process that I was not going out for at least a week or at least a week. Like I think that's optimistic. Oh, no, Like that. I'm not even going out to the grocer store

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because you're a lot of pressure store, right? Yes. Essential. Essential businesses are the only ones that can be open as of 8 p.m. This evening. We're recording this on Sunday. I just want to say that liquor stores have been deemed essential business. I'm very happy about that.

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I know. Well, that's the whole the whole. There's a whole definition for you, right? Like I'm a advertising agency. Communications agency. We worked with banks, so they're essential. So are we essential? The good news is we can all work from home where I work at home, but like our sign companies essential cause. Like if a client asks for a sign but in the drive up to tell people that they can't come into the lobby or the sign companies open or close Like I I I was like grabbed the sharpies people cause we're making posters.

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Well, I e determining factor is is about, you know, keeping people not transporting themselves to work. So if a sign company can do its work without having its workforce come into the office. Um, then great. I think that the designations were about getting people enforcing particular employers to not have their employees come into the office. I am well said that

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so back to the reason we're thinking of bringing back, not think we're

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bringing him back. Manic mommy's. We're bringing it back. We don't know what we're gonna try to go back to, like, our old schedule, right? Like record on the weekend. Release a new show. You know, we'll see what happens.

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I'm not supposed to be going out to volunteer places. And so there's things we can do, right? So I've been I jumped on a call with the small businesses in my little downtown Natick area because they're all how do we communicate with people? So I jumped on to give some council of some advice, and I was like, Please call me if you have any questions because they get the end of the day. That's how I can help them. And so I guess in some ways I feel like we can help our fellow moms. Bye, leg sharing our stories again, being a little stupid.

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Okay, Some things never change. My family has not listened to me say that I'm recording the show. There are shit chatting in the kitchen like Hey, Zimet. D'oh! And also, I just want to say that, um my friend told me that, um Well, actually, a friend of of maybe I can tell the story. Anyway, I'll get to it later when I'll get to it later when he's not there. It's about what's considered essential and nonessential, uh, during Corona virus. Some women considering their bodies non essential right now, you know? Oh, yeah. No, Absolutely. I mean, I'm gonna call this the, um, legging years, 30 months, these air, the legging months. Um, I was also talking

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about how I was gonna buy new slippers to bring to the office because I often get annoyed by my shoes. Um, these are what I'm wearing now, every single day. Glad I didn't buy any for the office if they'd be trapped there like I'm trying to get up in, like, shower. You know, I'm I am. I'm getting up in the morning. I'm showering. Not right now. Sunday morning. Um, but like my son walked down the other day and I was like, dude, what is going on right now? Like I was like, he was like, have you showered in the last three days? Like he was wearing all gray sweatshirt sweat pants? They were not queen, uh, and he even said he was like, Yeah, I think some things. I think I gotta change something.

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Yeah, this isn't working. I think the challenge is that if ever there was a time that we are being manic, Mommy is trying to do it all. It's now like most people are working from home. Now they're supposed to be like home schooling. Their kids are making sure their kids are getting the requisite education that they're supposed to do. They're also cleaning and sanitizing their house every 15 minutes. They're washing laundry. I mean, it's it's I'm hoping that it's just everyone keeps describing is like the new normal. But this week I work in a university, so I'm just gonna say for everyone like I have been working around the clock. Um, there are so many things that we have to deal with as a university and and I posted this, I think on instagram or somewhere where I was like please be patient with the administrators who are trying to make very challenging decisions in real time. And there's a lot of factors at play on DSO when my school when our district announced that it was closing indefinitely. Okay, I want to give us the word, not not two weeks. If they just came right out of the gate and get at it. Yeah, definitely. Um, I really need my family to be quiet there. Distracting May. Hold on. I'm gonna go shut the store. Yes. So when they said indefinitely, I was like, Oh, my God. Like, how about my senior who's about to graduate, you know, how is he gonna finish his studies? How is it going to be prepared for college? He's doing terrible in accounting right now. Like he can't just go dark. I'm waiting for notes from teachers telling me, like what they're gonna d'oh! And the notes all came and were like, just take care, you know, grated assignments, no required learning. Just And I was like my my my senior was like, I've done nothing to say so I see all these pictures of other people's kids studying for AP, you know, getting up, you know, to another work. And I'm like, you know, my kids were just playing Xbox till our eyes bleed. And I'm okay with it right now because it's survival, people. I gotta look, I got you know, so do there's so much to

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unpack in what you just laid down there. So let's start with the the ah, managing work. Managing the house, managing its I read an article on the in the Atlantic cult. The Corona virus is a disaster for feminism. And I have to

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tell you, I have felt

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it here because you're right. Like so, um, we went remote like that, like we went from, like, maybe we'll go remote someday to 100% wrote remote work. And because I work in banking, the communications have been flying. It's been really, really, really busy. Um, yeah. And on top of that, like I went into a full mental breakdown. So I was like, Haman and keep their brains from turning to mush. How am I gonna keep this house clean? How am I gonna like? And I did. I felt like it all slammed down on me. Not because Steve was like I don't want to do it, But he's we, you know, let's just be real. He's not wired that way and he is leaving. He's leaving the house right? So the bike shop is still open. In some states by bike, mechanics are considered essential.

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Well, yes, because people might have to ride their bikes to go get their essential items. No, absolutely.

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And you know it's keeping them outside. It helps with mental health and keep it like there's so many reasons and people are keep joking. They're stocking up a bread, toilet paper and bicycles like he has been a lamp just good. You know, it's a good thing, but it also means again, all right, here. And so, um, normally on the weekends, I kind of go into Erin Martin Kane mode weekends. I make the beds and I clean the house, and I've been complaining about it for months that I'm like, it's it's landing too hard on me and and I read this article and I was like, You know what, not doing that. Tomorrow I'm gonna go out, ride my bike, and I'm gonna end it. Whenever we're done here, I'm waking people up and we're all cleaning the house like I am not doing it like that. It's time for that to end. But on the education stuff Yeah, I went into overdrive last weekend and I made Sophie cry

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it. She was, like, already sad

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about school being over, like, over. She's a

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day, but they haven't told you that school is over, right? Not like you're on a pause.

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We're on a pause one of three. Because I was like,

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we're gonna have to do this. You're gonna just You're gonna

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And then I was like, Okay, you know what? I'm gonna give you guys a week like I'm too busy to pay attention to what's going on. So you have a week toe like, show me that you can do stuff and we're gonna give the school some time to respond. So the school basing their like Look, we've been advised that legally, unless we can ensure that 100% of the kids can access resource is equally then we cannot mandate what you do. So the teachers were gonna send enrichment things, and they've been starting to send them, but they're not grated. We can't grade them and It'll be like we went to school on Friday and we came back Monday. They're just happen to be 3 to 6 weeks in between. You

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know, don't mistake my, um my unfiltered combo is being a critique on our school because I do appreciate that they were fast with information like this is this is what we know today will provide updates as we go. And as someone who's been drinking from a fire hose of information at work, I completely understand and respect that, um but for but, you know, as a as a mom, to your point of, like, wanting to hold everything together, um, you know what is my obligation to my employer, where I've now also have an obligation to make sure my kids are learning. I also have an obligation to make sure my marriage is okay. Because now we're all suddenly working and studying, married, being home. And I'm just like, did you always were you always crazy about toilet paper? Because I didn't think I married one of those people. But suddenly you're like a toilet paper guy, and you've gotta have ah 100 rolls. I don't really understand. So these are things that really all riel families are dealing with the levels of the spectrum. But but there's even much worse things for families who are losing jobs, who have food or housing and security. I mean, I'm grateful we're healthy. Our pantry is full, my kids can be on the X spots, and that's how they're socializing. And, you know, I'm just gonna go with it every day. I'm just going to take a day by day, and I recognize some days we're gonna be good and some days are going to be shitty, and it's just the way it's gonna be.

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And just like this whole situation, I keep saying, Well, that that escalated quickly, like how I have shifted has escalated Justus fast. As you were saying right, like Sunday, I was like, We're gonna do this by Sunday night. I was like, Screw it. You have a week. You know, I am days I would say last weekend, I was like, Hey, chest pains. I was I was a little weepy. I was, and then I did like the beating of the week. I was like, Look, I don't really have a lot to complain about. I my kids right here. Like my kids are across the country, they're not stuck in another country. Um, I'm working. I'm working a lot. Steve is working a lot. Um, right, like I have the resource is life is pretty good. And so trying to, you know, I just said everyone. Could we just be nice to each other? It's definitely Steve and I, who I think were having hardest time with the being nice to each other, Like everything I say annoys him, and everything he says makes me want to kill him. Like I saw a thing that was

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like, Oh, there's gonna be this baby boom in nine months and somebody else was like and, uh, crap town of divorces and murders or or like, in all seriousness, You know, um, I worry. You know, alcoholism, you know, people drinking water and you see, like, an ism.

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Yeah. No, it's really so putting it all in perspective is super important. And, you know, Sophie went into a bit of Ah, like I was saying, I'm not hoarding toilet paper. I've been hoarding activities like I have this table that I've just been throwing things on because she's the ones of 14 9th grade. So I kind of have to philosophize with the kids with Sylvia. At the end of this week, she really had, like, a nervous breakdown. She's laughing, She's crying. She's just late. And I was like, All right, kid, like you're 14 You're in the ninth grade, we're setting the schedule. You needed schedule. I need a schedule and I have been like putting every single craft thing onto a table so that when she says to me, I'm bored. I could be like, Go make bracelets, Makesem pins. You do that, do that, Did it, you know, like just over there and then on ders, You know, he's a junior, is not a senior. He's but he's Tommy's age. He's gonna be 18 in a couple of months, like he does need to learn how to be in an environment like college, where he sets his own learning right, like where he's responsible for his own learning. So I'm giving him a little more leeway. The funny thing, though, is he's like,

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Don't you shouldn't be worried, Mom. I should be worried because like it's my future, like yes, but it's my basement you're gonna be living in if you don't like. Do you understand what being a mom means? Like? Of course, I worry like they're not worrying. That's crazy. Said the same thing to Tommy. I was like, This is a good trial run. Like getting your own schedule. What time are you going to bed? What time you waking up? What are you What are you writing? Every day? I do have to say who? Showering. Yeah, the showers have been He's been showering. That's good. Um, he's also have a part time job, but he's continuing toward Well, not anymore. Last night. This is last night that on I basically explained it to him like a cz Muchas you want to go to work on. But I want to let you do that. There are other people who need these hours. There are other workers who don't have don't live at home with their parents, and they're gonna need every hour of work that they can. They can get paid. It were So I think that did put it into perspective a little bit. Yeah, I think we should take a break. But when we go to break, I just want to say one thing that I learned from Christine Co Boston Mama's you know, she posted something on her Instagram. I sort of modified it a little bit, but she said, You know, every day, she says to her kids, Do something for your brain, Something for your body, something for the family. So I sort of I made a sheet, and every day they have toe fill it out. I changed family to home because I was like, do something for the house like a gym er, you know, But so I have a little form. It says at the top. I love lab today's date, and underneath it says, Check for school e mails. That's really the only instruction. And then it has body brain home, and they each had to fill it out and submit it to you. And yes, I'm collecting them because they're all gonna go in my you know, my mom memoir that I'm gonna work on in my spare time about surviving crew of others. Well, they have their own memoirs. I need to document this. Colonel, do what you're doing. Keep your notes, work notes, notes, whatever, But, um, yeah, so that's my thing. Simple form stole from Christine. Code modified.

spk_1:   18:46
I did put that on our chalkboard, and I tried for the sheet. And Sophie told me that that was an ecological disaster, that she was not gonna have me printing out papers every day. And she totally threw my whole like, plastic free lifestyle that I've been trying to follow. She was like, You can't be like, trying to, like, save the environment by removing plastic and printing out the sheets every day. And I was like,

spk_0:   19:11
Paper is recyclable. Come on. I know. All right, let's take

spk_1:   19:15
a break and we can come

spk_0:   19:16
back. What are you asking me? I hear you. What? Why would I let you stay up till 3 a.m. All your mom's Ugo, Wait. All your friends, parents, let their kids stay up till three black playing Xbox. You know, they don't know it's not happening. Well, 30 0 I'm not calling them. I'm telling you right now, 30 you're not sleeping in the basement because 12. 30. That shirt, that's your curfew in house curl sneak one. I can't deal. I can't deal with this. All right? We're back. I was just motioning to christen that she bring us back and she motioned to me. So here we are. We're back. So I have some tips from Corona virus tips to share. You know, you

spk_1:   20:07
look like you look like Norah O'Donnell right now, by the way, I look like I have my notes. E I need a shower. And you? Yeah, you look, you look very pro.

spk_0:   20:17
Well, cause I worked on my palate on this one. First of all, so glad invested in pellet on. Just going to say right. So happy, so happy. I did say on our reunion show that I would, like, connect with people, And I never did. I think two people connected with me. But if people want to look for me because now I'm gonna be doing it. Mourner, Um can my name is Aaron can k n Erin can get it, Kay. And in Rochester, New York so, you know, Look me up. Let's be friends. Do not flux flush or Clorox wipes people. You're saying help people.

spk_1:   21:00
Adam Adam ruins everything. There's a There's a show on Netflix. I think it was called like Adam ruins everything. And, um, he had an episode all about what happens with, uh, wipes that get flushed in the New York. Um, like Stuart system. Even flush. Technically, flushable wipes, flushable lights air. Not flushable fun fact flesh. Rely, it's not pleasurable. Um, we're on a septic, but I repeat, that is the same advice. Yeah. Don't flush the weights. Don't flush the toilet paper. What do

spk_0:   21:39
you mean? Don't flush the toilet paper. Of course. You flush toilet paper

spk_1:   21:43
if you read that article. Part of the problem is they're flushing toilet paper. It's too big. It's too

spk_0:   21:48
heavy. But what are you supposed to do with your dirty toilet paper? If you don't flush it? Throw it away. No, no, not toilet paper. Sorry. Paper towels. What is she talking about? Hey, much Powell, are you talking about right now? Really? I need 1/3 cup of coffee. All right. Don't flush the paper towels. That's what people are flushing. Okay. Oh, my God. She's funny. Okay, this is gonna end in disaster. If you're using Zoom, can we just do some, like zoom etiquette? Okay, first and foremost mute yourselves. You should be on mute at all times, so don't tell me What? Right, Right. You must meet yourself. Yes, also, there is a handy feature in Zoom. Do not share this information with people you do not like, but share it with your friends, which is in zoom settings. I don't know if you're on a PC. I think it's settings appear on the back. It's under preferences under video. There's a little box that you can check says, Touch up my appearance. Do this shot data locks. It has blinked less your monthly. It's a little filter. The lines don't show up so much. Snapshot Action. Yeah, it's, um it's great. Until we also talk about mainly, I have one more tip tip. Also used grid view or, um, grid view allows you to see, like everybody like the Brady Bunch versus the, uh, also in your preferences. You condone unclip HQ, the box that says highlight when I'm speaking. So like, if some people have their setting so that whoever's talking their thing goes big, like zooms in on the person talking, if you don't ever want to be like big and zoomed in you, but you can control that in your own settings. Okay, so can I share my tips. Yes, you can check your lighting. Make sure you have a

spk_1:   23:54
light source in front of your face face. Erin, you look beautiful. You have a nice warm light that you're clearly using. You have shut the curtain behind you two to minimize the backs. Late.

spk_0:   24:08
Also look behind you at, like now. I'm not gonna say this is like, great, but it's my It's my office. It's where I live now, so it's, like,

spk_1:   24:18
productive. Whatever. Um, check the angle. Like I have so many I have seen some years ago. I think I wrote something for our agency. I got this promotional video from a guy that was speaking on content at a conference and he recorded himself in, I don't know. It looked like an old trailer had this, like tube TV behind them. It had would like I was like he was at a weird angle, like he was looking up. I don't remember, but I was like,

spk_0:   24:51
You're supposed to be an expert on content, and you look terrible. It's just I don't care what you're wearing below the belt, but leg right. Make sure this looks good. You also can use virtual backgrounds and zoom. So some are built in, like Zoom has a few, but you could also upload a photo. So my colleague thinks, and I have been having fun with that this week. Different locations on the university campus, like the library or other places that people like to go. We've been sort of, you know, uploading our backgrounds, just, you know, to change it up a little bit. Business I

spk_1:   25:32
should like, provide a free library of of branded images like your university should like post a library and have a little logo in the corner that people can use for their zoom. We

spk_0:   25:44
have been doing some of that, um, on social media, too. So he's also

spk_1:   25:49
apply many of them, too. So we use Google hangouts at my office, and I have been saying to my colleagues, I'm like,

spk_0:   25:56
Hi, can you get a lamp? I can't see your face too lovely, but I can't see you. And then the funniest

spk_1:   26:02
might have been one of my colleagues. Ah, he turned up the Google. It was our 1st 1 Our first hang out again. We've just gotten remote. It shows his video shows up. It's like his forehead up and his hair is like sticking straight up. I I couldn't so I just started laughing so hard. He's

spk_0:   26:21
like, Oh, fixing his hair and he's adjusting. Oh, my God. So I was reading an article on me in the New York Times are reading, like, you know, they do like a Corona virus update feed, you know, And I read it, um, a couple times a day, And there was one about all these medical professionals, so doctors and there, and they were saying, like, were the worst people for technology. Like we don't we don't This isn't the kind of thinking that we do regularly, and now we're being forced to do it, and everyone's uncomfortable with in the middle of the calls someone no one had viewed on in the middle of the calls. Someone said, This guy's a fucking idiot. He's like, and then the call ended. So it is very important to make sure that you have your mute on.

spk_1:   27:11
You know what also helps? Like I just moved you so that your face is right under my camera. So it looks like I'm looking at you. This is And when you're over here, but my cameras over here, I know it's very right.

spk_0:   27:24
Don't put their own your own view in front of because then you're just like, look at yourself and you're gonna be obsessed

spk_1:   27:29
with, you know, you're like, Oh, my God, what's happening? Hair on my

spk_0:   27:33
ches. Luckily, yeah. Stretch and hairs cannot be seen by system. I don't think even if even if I'm a zoom

spk_1:   27:41
well, don't click the high death. There's Ah, hi, def button. Don't like that. So other tips on this thing Can we talk about online shopping? Because I have been tourney on the online shopping like, on one hand, I feel like should I shop online? Because I can support some businesses, right? Like, get my coffee from a place where I know they're shipping whatever. Or should I not be shopping online because I'm making the UPS guy like out in the world when we're supposed to stop people being out in the world? What should I

spk_0:   28:18
do? I don't know the answer. I know it's kind of sticky. Um, I am reading articles about delivery drivers reporting to work, not feeling well because they there's so much work and they are. Yes, I read in The New York Times yesterday. I will admit my number one Corona virus source is The New York Times. So if you're not a fan of the New York Times, you're not gonna like anything that I say. But my sources, not just national public radio. It's probably better than Twitter. So yes, and that's another people. Okay, so I am placing orders online. I didn't hear that Amazon was only doing, like, essential

spk_1:   29:02
orders. So more rumors that were going around at one point. So I have here on the lower part of our our neighborhood is now quite the active world that have a little group of friends, and one of them texted.

spk_0:   29:18
I'm like, Gosh, Amazon's not shipping

spk_1:   29:20
anymore of anything except except for essentials. Um, it was like again, what's What's this? I mean, if one needs but making supplies getting, uh, but then, like six hours later, she wrote she like, Never mind. It's that they are, um, prioritizing health and food and stuff like that Essentials and your butt making supplies. We're gonna have to wait for a while, which seems like they were hiring a ton of people. And so then it was get. It was like, Well, that's good that they're hiring people. So if I'm ordering stuff in my helping keeping people working or am I just making people work who aren't feeling well and they should be staying home and I don't know, I find that I don't know the answer. So many manic Rami knows the answer or would like to share their opinion. They certainly should. Where

spk_0:   30:19
can they do that? And how do we have a need to e mail you that? All right, that's a good question. How

spk_1:   30:26
about by the end of, uh,

spk_0:   30:30
how could they do that on her face? I don't know. We'll figure that out. I think all you can do is go to our Facebook page right now or house on Twitter at manic mommy's.

spk_1:   30:41
Yes, I'm having trouble getting into our instagram

spk_0:   30:43
account, but how we gonna launch a tic tac and we could start doing videos? Let's nomadic Mommy's tick talk. Oh my God! No way. Oh, I'm doing My kid is making a lot of tic tac videos. Hey, came and showed me one of him hitting golf balls in the basement into a blue solo cup. So,

spk_1:   31:07
Sophie, um is no, this is gonna be a shock to you. Big on the tick

spk_0:   31:12
talk? Well, yes. She has a brand to manage. She has ran to

spk_1:   31:16
manage. Um, and she did have one, like a month or two ago. Go viral like she had thousands and thousands of views. And it was a tic tac of her dressed in her goalie gear for lacrosse. Um, and there's this one style we're like, they point at words, right? And it was all the things people say to the lacrosse goalie, right? Like you can't run like stupid stuff that got She's like, Mom, I am blowing up on the tic

spk_0:   31:46
tac. That's great. I'm so sad about sports being over. I just want to say that, you know, Brendan made the varsity baseball team was supposed to go on a trip to Florida Disney World for a competition. That didn't happen. Boys were supposed to go on a ski trip to Utah to see their cousins. That didn't happen. Um, what else got cute? Has

spk_1:   32:09
a canceled the whole spring season for you

spk_0:   32:13
Pretty much because school is cancelled indefinitely. How can you. Oh,

spk_1:   32:16
that's right. You're a little head on us. Yes. So they haven't the m I A a which is the, you know, interscholastic. Um, they've pushed. Obviously. Um, I know, I'm sad. I feel fortunate in some ways that honors is a junior, and, you know, Sophie, it's a freshman. Like they're not at these like Tommy the senior, right? Like so that she is. They're not missing out on some of these things. They're missing. Prom is probably canceled, which is for juniors in our school. But the kids summer camp actually just said assuming we do that during staff training week, they're gonna hold a prom. Oh, this is really cute and made our son really happy. I don't even know that he wanted to go to our

spk_0:   33:01
process, but it is super excited, and I can't problem. Well, I do believe for some kids, like, the fact that these things are being canceled is a relief. I think it is for some kids who looked forward to all these things. And then there are other kids who were, like, stressed by it, don't want to have to deal

spk_1:   33:19
with it and write, you know, there you go. Yeah. So, um, I was a little. I'm a little sad for Sophie because she was really looking forward to joining the high school lacrosse team. So that was like, you know, that was the thing. She didn't joy. And I think she regrets that she didn't do anything in the fall. Um, so now I think she's thinking about either volleyball or field hockey in the fall. Neither sports she's ever tried before.

spk_0:   33:48
She buying a field hockey, probably with the lacrosse trip. I think she

spk_1:   33:52
would. And I'm sure, um, everyone loves a goalie, man. Like everyone's well, everyone loves, loves the person who's willing to stand in that met. Um, So I think she'll try that because I think now, like this was she was so excited, right to connect and have teammates and have her, like she even asked me. It seems like where's my are we getting our sweatshirts that their names on them And I was like, Oh, those were being delivered to the coach like those weren't they weren't being mailed to us.

spk_0:   34:23
Just reminds me of an email I got last week with a leg toe. Like the baseball apparel store and the mom who was running it and she sent the link around. And she's She's like, here's the link to the baseball apparel store by something or don't like it was just like here. Did you know, If you want to buy something, go ahead. If you don't, I don't I don't I don't know what I know. We had an

spk_1:   34:48
event. S o. Steve and I were hosts. Are are supposed to be hosting event for women like mechanics. Um, was a bike mechanic, you know, thing for women. Um, that I postpone had postponed before kind of everything got shut down. And now it's like, When are we gonna do it? Do we push it all the weight in June? At this point, I think I'm gonna push it to the fall. I just can't even wrap my brain out of yeah, like everything else because everything else is getting compressed. So now the place where we were gonna hold it is like, Well, have you picked a date? Because everything's moving and I'm like,

spk_0:   35:30
I can, huh? Too much for me.

spk_1:   35:35
Oh, so I think I'm gonna push it right into the fall just for safety, because what I

spk_0:   35:41
mean, yeah, I mean, why not have to do it sooner

spk_1:   35:44
way? Do have all these tools that women had bought that we now have to package up to ship out to them or drop them off? Because, um, I feel like they should have them. Well,

spk_0:   35:57
maybe you could dio like YouTube, Siri's. And he could just teach women how to do their things and that you could deliver their tools and they could like an online class thing. You have to do something. Yeah. I have to say people have

spk_1:   36:12
been super creative. Um, that's been really interesting to see, like all the creativity that's that's coming out has been Yeah,

spk_0:   36:21
s. So this morning, my church streamed mass live room on YouTube, which I have to give them props because, you know, they got it up and running, and so I gave it a college try, but they just got to say, like, e just wasn't feeling it hurt. That, I think, was because I've been on the computer so much, so to sit here and what like it's just like I'm I watch something else all the time and and then I realized. Like part of what I love most about going to church is being in community with other people, you know, having other people in the space, the music, the ritual. And while I appreciate them, you know, doing that I just was like, I feel nothing right now. I just can t I was 15 minutes later, I was like, I just I can't feel it. Maybe maybe I'll get there in a couple weeks. Like this is for Catholics. This is a big season for us. Lent. And I just was like, this. Can't you read? Someone was like, How about I give up all human interaction for lunch? Is that good enough? Because I need my chocolate. You mean my wine in my coffee? Like so, how about I just give that up like, is there a waiver? Yeah, it's like, Can I just pivot? I was originally planning.

spk_1:   37:46
I did talk to a local church. Um, uh, a friend of mine works doing consulting at a local church. I talked to you, the pastor there because they're thinking of making their sermons into podcasts. So just again, kind of like a little bit of, you know, How do you do that? Consult. And I thought that was a cool idea, because I'm with you on the city. I don't want to sit and watch anything. Like I've been watching people. They're doing their yoga and they're doing their fitness. And I have been having the opposite reaction, which is if I'm gonna exercise. I just want to go outside and run around the neighborhood, like so, you know, um, I can't be in front of a computer anymore, but I could absolutely see listening to a sermon, like as I'm puttering around the house or, you know, I'm big on the listening. I even took a class a couple of months ago for sports marketing, and it's supposed to be video. You're just sitting there watching a woman who is looking at you, You're like Then I realized, Oh, I can run the audio through the Bluetooth of my car and I can listen to it while I'm driving around. But I was like, You're not bringing anything to the table. You're just right. I'm just watching you, which is not the same as being in a class to your point. It's not the same as being in the church. Um, I'm certainly having a whole new appreciation for people

spk_0:   39:04
I think everybody is. I mean, I guess if anything good can come of this, it's that people will appreciate those human interactions so much more. But anyway, should we take another break and then wrap up our first day out of our new Serie A break? Okay, we're gonna talk about the fact that on London schedule starts. No. Okay. You've got a week to figure it out. What have you done this week? I've slept a lot, Which is good for me yet. I am a teenager. Okay? What else have you done? That's true. Those pretty That's pretty impressive. Can you stop making that noise with your mouth? Definitely. Picking that up really is Is a room gross. That's the dog. Yes, but what else have you done? This? You've lost your mind at least twice. No, no. Just once. Just once. Okay. Um, you hurt yourself opening a door. So what happened? You want to tell me? It's not just I'm not old. It happens to people all the time. I pinched a nerve. It's not my fault. You okay? Well, Monday we're starting. It's good. Yes. What do you think? Why do you think that you're allowed to say No? E i e I know you don't want to, but it's gonna be better for you. You get up at a normal time ish not like seven. But I think you should be up by nine. And then we're gonna have a fitness schedule. We're gonna have ah, homework schedule. I don't know. I mean it. You're gonna find homework. I have a whole pile of things for you also. And and you're both give you with and both of you are getting no way. Don't. I'm your mother. This is entirely my whole role in life is to be a cz annoying as possible. And there's gonna be chores daily. There's gonna be a daily chore for both of you. Even your brother has said he will ignore that. Yeah, he's He's been harassing me, so I don't want to hear that he has been worse than you. And he's next because he needs a normal schedule. Because it's ridiculous. You're both ridiculous. We're back. So can I. So, um, let me talk. Tell you I have

spk_1:   41:49
a dog now. Okay, by the way, someone on Manic. So you posted to manic mommy's facebook? They were coming back and Facebook exploded. So I'm feeling quite, um, loved and a little pressure. Um, and somebody was like, I want to hear what happened with the

spk_0:   42:05
hamster like, Oh, no, it did not end. Well, what? How did it happen if the heads have they have a dog? What did happen to the hamster?

spk_1:   42:18
Okay, so chewy was the hamster and chili. Here's the thing. If there's a, like a little there's some physic law about. Like, um, if you have two opposing forces, 11 is gonna win over the other. So the two of opposing forces was that we wanted Chewie to stay in the container in the fence, you know, in the page. And Chewie did not. And what I learned about that is that the knot is probably a stronger force than the in. So he got out.

spk_0:   42:51
Oh, God. Five times. Like he got out. Um, yeah, brands were growing up to that, too. Yeah. And like we put weights on the top

spk_1:   43:00
like this. And here's the thing. Chewie did not have any sense of self like care

spk_0:   43:09
what you just fling himself.

spk_1:   43:12
He would like, come out of the cage and fling himself off the desk. And like, there was just no sense of self preservation. And so each time he got out so we would have, like, a straight up nervous breakdown, like weeping And, you know, when we found him four out of five times. So the fifth time he got out, she looked at me. And she's like, uh, that's like, no crying, no tears. And we did not find him again, like intel several months later.

spk_0:   43:48
Oh, Steve is walking. I can tell you this story. Swell. Steve is

spk_1:   43:54
walking through our mud room, right? Not walking. He comes flying into the mud room from the mud room into the house, and

spk_0:   44:03
I don't know,

spk_1:   44:03
but I was like, he found Chewie. He knows where to is. I don't like I don't know. What about his like sensors? Right. And so sure enough, he runs and he goes downstairs. And so he found chewy, chewy, apparently had fallen down like some duct work and ended up near our furnace. And what had

spk_0:   44:27
happened because we would get whiffs like really go he's in my office. No, it's not there. He's in. You know, that smell like a mile just

spk_1:   44:36
says okay. And so, uh, what was happening was we were catching whips because he was in the furnace area, and when it was off, it would kind of, like, float in various directions. And he just happened to get in with you.

spk_0:   44:52
That is so gross. Stewie

spk_1:   44:54
did not make it on DSO. Then we got a dog. What I learned is that to survive in my house, you have to have at least a modicum sense of self preservation. So I mean, at the end of the day, Daisy will eat our faces if we don't feed her right, like she will drink out of the toilet. She does not fling herself off of cliffs when we're out in the woods. Um, you know, like, and she is my I understand emotional sport dogs now, like she is my When I last weekend was in, like, kind of more panic mode, I, like put her next to me and I was like, Yeah, you know, And so she's with me all the time. A problem with that is, she goes between unconscious to paranoia like

spk_0:   45:48
that. It's generally when someone's walking on the

spk_1:   45:54
sidewalk, which there are a ton of them now, right, because everybody's trying to get outside. We have a huge front yard, but she's like anywhere between here and the road. Get the EFF off my lawn so I'll be

spk_0:   46:07
like your such eso like step up yelling at people shared it. It's like she is like a she goes from like tha That's why you're losing your hair. That's, uh, people say that, you know, poor dogs. They're used to having the house to themselves all day, lounging around, just sleeping on their own schedule. Now they have all these humans way. Keep walking like forced march of fun, like I try to take her for a walk. And she's like, Why, What? What did I do to deserve this? Pets everywhere, just like stop. There she goes. There must be somebody walking back. Yep. So I leave you with this funny story. So I got an email. It's over the during the week I got an email from a colleague asking me a question. Then you know, when I responded and I said, you know, I hope you're doing well. Um, and she wrote back. She said, Ah, yeah, everything here's fine. My kids just watched my car for their home at class. She's younger kids. And she goes, It was all going so well until he asked me for five bucks for their company, Corona Clean first because I was like like the mother is in fundraising, right? So I well, they are their mothers. Children. Show me the money so you can be creative with your kids. Have them do those chores around the house, especially the little ones. You know, Kristen, we are. So we're so, um and that's why we gotta rebrand ourselves. The teen years. Danny. Mommy's my teen years. Don't do it. All moms with young kids come to listen or show they're gonna be like these. These ladies are clueless, like so teenagers. They don't have the stress of young kids like there's a whole different.

spk_1:   48:05
Oh, so I was walking in our neighborhood with the dog. But a week ago, with Sophie, these two little girls, let's say four and six are hanging out of their door, shrieking.

spk_0:   48:19
Oh, right, And they continue to shriek

spk_1:   48:24
until we get all the way out of the bottle like we can still hear that. And I was like, I will take the silent disdain of a teenager over the shrieking madness of a toddler any day of the week. I do think the perfect age for this Corolla virus crisis is like 10. Like if you

spk_0:   48:44
have someone, if your child is

spk_1:   48:46
in that lake 8 to 10 to 11 like that

spk_0:   48:49
is a

spk_1:   48:49
great age because they're young enough that they will likely still listen to you right where, like, the teenagers are like, Go do this. And they're like, No, I'm like, What's my consequence? You can't leave the house. Hi. Okay. Yeah, right. Like I'm not gonna cut off the internet. That's just like So I have that, like, 17 year old and the little little ones Or crazy like like that to be stuck in the house. Could you met and honors Even It was like, Thank God I'm not. What did he say? That I'm not 13 because he admits when he was 13 he was It was bad. Bad years for him, like moody and whatever, right? And he was like, good thing that didn't happen then

spk_0:   49:37
you You ain't kidding, Kin. You have a 10 year old like you're living the life. Maybe I don't think any. I don't know why everybody stuck everybody. Be honest. I know, but it's like I think

spk_1:   49:51
about like those little like I don't know. I wanna I wanna leave wine for that house up there. You drink?

spk_0:   49:57
Just gotta take it one day at a time. One day, the time, everybody And you just have to make sure that every day you move a little bit, you take time to breathe a little bit and go get your fresh air because it does make a big difference. Just step outside. Breathe in that fresh air. Breathe deeply, man. Yeah. If you need to get the calm app on your phone that you should get it totally worth

spk_1:   50:24
writing this down. Yes and no. We're here for you, ladies. We are back to share your pain.

spk_0:   50:33
Leave in the coming weeks. Who knows how long this will go? But but we're here, man. And it's not like we have to hang up and, like, go anywhere right now. But I think I do this stuff outside. Yeah, all right. Are we doing are like, rapid? We end this thing we used to say Our show is produced each week by Aaron. Uh, Kristen is our editor and website developer way might meet with us. Do we have a website, uh, Cooper 10 for show note links. You can visit our website at manic mommy's dot com. That doesn't work, but it doesn't go winning. Just be on our Facebook page, right? You can leave a comment on Facebook. We're on Twitter, and at some point, I'll reclaim the instagram. Listen, until next time, ladies stay sane and have a great manic week. Yeah, that's what he said. Yeah. Bye. Hi, This is Kristen, and I'm Aron's and you're listening to romantic mommy podcast for Mom's trying to manage the chaotic combination. What are we doing? Wait, it's no, no. Start over. Insure I cast for Mom's trying to do it all. Then that's right. In a public health pandemic. Okay, I got it. Okay,