Manic Mommies The Teen Years

MM 2 – A Cart Apart – 585-789-1216

March 30, 2020 Kristin Brandt & Erin Kane
Manic Mommies The Teen Years
MM 2 – A Cart Apart – 585-789-1216
Manic Mommies The Teen Years
MM 2 – A Cart Apart – 585-789-1216
Mar 30, 2020
Kristin Brandt & Erin Kane

Another week of staying home is behind us and we're hopeful it's making a difference. In this episode, we talk about what's essential and what's not, how teen boys and girls cope differently, and the myths and realities of grocery shopping.

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Another week of staying home is behind us and we're hopeful it's making a difference. In this episode, we talk about what's essential and what's not, how teen boys and girls cope differently, and the myths and realities of grocery shopping.

Introduction:   0:00
You're listening to the manic mommies. podcasting again? So embarrassing. Can you feed the dog please? Was your hands! Oh no corona. Pause for parenting. You're listening to the Manic Mommies. Did you do your online school today? So annoying. Let's try to be politically correct people. I can't deal. I can't deal with this. You just did it. Done. Perfect. Laughter.

Kristin:   0:29
This is Kristin

Erin:   0:29
and I'm Erin.

Kristin:   0:30
And you're listing to Manic Mommies. The podcast for moms still trying to do it all.

Erin:   0:35
And then some. Hello my friend.  How is it going?

Kristin:   0:46
This was a bright light for me, as I kind of like barreled to the end of the week, I thought, but I get to talk to Erin on Sunday and got me up this morning. That and all the amazing, like comments and questions and hurrahs from desperate moms around the country. Got me through the week, man. How are you?

Erin:   1:10
I'm hanging in also. I only had really one. There was one, like, really bad day this week where I just was like, this sucks. And I think it was because it was snowing outside. That kind of like, you know, don't make me feel so good. I was just like, Oh, my God, it's snowing. And then I just had I don't know. I think it was the day w here I realized this is gonna be a lot longer, than any one of us really wants it to be, I think. And so I started to get a little I started to get a little depressed about that, but, um, you know, I turned it around the next day. You know what helped me.

Kristin:   1:54
Please tell me

Erin:   1:55
I showered.  

Kristin:   1:56
You showered?

Kristin:   1:57
Uh, yes. And I put on mascara.  

Kristin:   2:01
I don't suit up, man. To quote Barney, from how I met your mother suit upthere was just  

Erin:   2:07
not saying that I didn't shower the other days. I just want to be clear, but I actually showered. Put in curly hair product, which I'm running out of because Amazon has determined it to be non essential. We're gonna play a game later. I want to play a game with you. It's called essential or nonessential. It's gonna be like a little quiz. And you are going to tell me whether you think something is essential or nonessential, but anyway, But that day I  got out of my funk cause I like, you know, defused my hair and put on mascara and kind of felt like a human being again.  

Kristin:   2:42
Yeah. I mean, the reality is I'm actually doing pretty much fine. I have one friend who was funny. He works from home all the time. He loves it, has no problem that he's like, But suddenly it feels like I'm trapped because I can't leave. But I've always worked from home. It's never been a problem. Like I don't You know, um, and we've been doing we've been doing pretty well. Steve is still working. Ah, my son is still working. I would say two rough points this week. Number one was when So you've been at school is indefinitely postponed. Right? We were at I don't two weeks ah the governor just changed that to May 4th. And, ah, both the kids just kind of went. Oh, like even Anders goes. It's not even April. Let's be clear. It's not even April. Um, so I think that was a moment for them where they're like, Oh, this is this is gonna go on a lot longer. And then I would say the saddest kind of like, Oh, this is really gonna have long lasting impacts moment for me was yesterday. Saturday. Um, Steve and I took Sophie out into the woods for a little mountain bike ride, and we went somewhere we knew would not have a lot of people, which is part of the problem. There are people everywhere out in the woods. Um, and she basically had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the woods, like she just started. And I was like, What's going on? And she was like, I have I have such anxiety right now just being outside of my house. And I was like, Oh, my gosh. Like she is turning into an agoraphobic right in front of my eyes, Right? Like so. Just kind of thinking about the next couple weeks, what we're gonna have to do to make sure she doesn't. And I feel it too. I had to go to my husband shop yesterday, and after, like, an hour or two, I was like, I have to get back to the house. I can't I can't be out here

Erin:   4:41
like you were because you were afraid to be in the shop like someone would come in and maybe you would be exposed to something.

Kristin:   4:49
 I wish it was more specific. I'm calling it free floating anxiety. And I've seen with our daughter that we haven't been able to get her out of the house where I'm like, you know, your your your dad's going grocery shopping. You should go with him. No, not interested. You should go do that, nope not. But I didn't realize the depth of it until yesterday when she just really was like, That's OK, That's enough, you know, And And it didn't help that hikers behind us walking fast wouldn't slow down to give us some space. You know, when people are still being a little stupid, like I'm in the woods so I don't need to maintain 6 feet you know? So we were like "people were barreling down on us." We just want you know,

Kristin:   5:26
So I would say, um, and the other thing is this week, from a work perspective, there have been a couple of moments I have an annual report that's been on schedule. It's at the printers. It's going, um, they just called me to tell me that it was gonna be delayed because the guy who makes the die cutter, we're having a die cut of Ah, he was pulled off the job to make medical equipment. I can easily say that has never happened to me before. That is never been. So, you know, we came up with, uh, we came up with a backup plan and everybody agreed, die cutting for medical equipment more important tha annual report. Um, yeah, it's been just weird.

Erin:   6:11
It is. Similarly, we have reports that go out to our donors. Um, at this time of year, it's basically like a report about how their endowment is performing not the overall university endowment, but like an endowed fund for say a scholarship or something. And so we had to reboot because we're like, How can we send out a financial report that's actually through a date that is long past but and not acknowledge what's currently happening in the market Overall? Um, so, yeah, everyone's having to punt and switch gears. And, you know,  

Kristin:   6:49
I was working on a new um TV commercial this morning for a client because they have a contract starting on their flights starting on Monday, and they looked at what had been prepared. And they're like, Oh, we can't Can't put that out. You know something like, come into our branches and open your account. So, um, 48 hours, we could do it. New commercial, a lot of stock video freelancer with the voiceover. I mean, thank God for the for the internet, thank good for having the tools and stock photography and we can, you know, we can definitely pivot, but yeah, it's been, uh, but all in all, you know, I'm fine.

Erin:   7:27
All in all, we're healthy. We have toilet paper, we have toilet paper. But I told my husband he has to start conserving like, spare square. Dude, like, if you're concerned about how little toilet paper is going to be remaining, you have to be a little less generous with your with your squares. I'm sorry. You're just gonna have to spare.

Kristin:   7:52
So my friend sent me this thing that it's for runners and athletes is basically like a reusable like wipe yourself pad you can bring with you on a run. So if you have to, like, cop a squat in the woods and you she's like, we should all buy these just in case that,  

Erin:   8:14
you know, I mean, desperate times may call for desperate measures. Um, I don't think we're there yet. I did goto Wegmans today, this morning early, and they did have some toilet paper restocked, but they were only, um, packages of 123456 I think eight like eight rolls, and they were small roles. They were not the like, double triple roles that I normally like to buy for fewer changes of empty cardboard roll. Anyway, so it was like a small It was kind of like what you would buy, Maybe it at like a gas station. You know? I mean, like, when you run out, that that was the only stuff they had and they had a thing up. Limit one.

Kristin:   8:56
Our Wegman's has been limiting everything. Still, there were bare shelves when we were over there, but and we're fine on the toilet paper, and we're fine on the paper towels and stuff like that. But it is Ah, it's a little crazy, 

Erin:   9:14
So when you go into Wegman's, it says, First of all, they have a huge, like, now hiring sign. So um, interesting. Right. But, uh, they have a big sign up that says, you know all the things like, please use the hand sanitizer as you come into the store, stay a cart apart. I feel like a cart apart is a great, like thing to just put in your head. When you're shopping like a cart apart, yo people, don't they? I'm sorry, I'm in the aisle. First. You wait until my cart is apart from you. You know what I'm saying? It's like people. They just come barreling down, and I'm like "excuse me? Cart apart! Did you not read the sign?

Kristin:   9:56
Cart apart in a full circle. People not like behind, but also left right, like full cart apart. Which means you can't come down the aisle. They need to do what they used to do it on our old Purity Supreme, which was the grocery store when I was a kid. They had arrows that you had to go in a specific direction, right, and you did not go in the other direction. But that's what they need, because the problem is if somebody's coming down the aisle at you, you're not keeping your cart apart. It's a circle. Is a radius people radius of a cart apart?  

Erin:   10:34
I think part of it is is because the aisles are narrow. You know, there really isn't. You have to pass it. You can't keep a cart apart.  

Kristin:   10:43
That's what I'm  saying arrows,  

Erin:   10:44
right. You can't. You can't really do that. But But I just have to say like there are men there. You know whose, whose lives or partners or mothers or daughters or whoever have sent them to the grocery store. And there's there in the like baking aisle. This I think I spent 10 minutes waiting to get down the baking aisle because there were two gentlemen. One was in the chocolate chip section and the other one was in like the spices section, and they were taking forever. And I'm sure that someone had wrote had wrote up road. Someone wrote on a list for them. Um, get the Giradeli  you know, 50% bittersweet chocolate chips, you know, whatever. He's looking at all of the choices of this.  

Kristin:   11:36
He just wants to get chocolate chips for the love of God, Um, I sent, so Anders is working and he's working right next to our local grocery store. So on occasion, when I know he's working, I'll say, Can you get such and such? This has been a fascinating experience because he does. He doesn't grocery shop, right? I feel like I'm now preparing him for adulthood. But my favorite was he came home. I said, Can you buy sponges with scratchy stuff on one side and just a regular sponge on the other side? He's like, Okay, so he brings home . . . a mop head   

Erin:   12:15

Kristin:   12:15
But in his defense, it is a sponge on one site, and it's got a hard plastic on the other side.

Erin:   12:21
It's the longest damn sponge he ever saw.  

Kristin:   12:28
He was Well, I think they were out Saturday, you know? But he was like, they I think they were out. I was like, Then you don't buy one, but he But I don't think he knew he was purchasing the wrong thing. So now I think this is just, you know, kind of a bright side. Like I'm just on occasion gonna have him go out and find things. Okay, Anders. I need you to go out and find tortillas and fajita spice.

Erin:   12:53
Okay, you're going to be the person sending the man into the spices aisle to be confused. If you send that kid for heat of spices, he's had be, like,

Kristin:   13:03
Technically the international foods aisle, but yes,

Erin:   13:07
okay, but you're gonna definitely have to draw him a map of, like, where to find that in the store. This is where the Wegmans app can be. Very helpful. It does tell you, you know, by store location. What is in which aisle.  Anyway, we're gonna have to take a break. But before you go, are you washing and wiping down your groceries? This is very controversial among my my circle. And I'm sure many Manic Mommy listeners are asking themselves that same question.

Kristin:   13:38
Sophie actually said to me yesterday, a package came in and she was like, that box makes me nervous. It's like, That's fair. So this is a conversation on the Facebook amongst my neighbors. Ah, the answer is No, I'm not. I did think about it. I did think about it. And then immediately, my brain melted. Um, so we went grocery shopping the other day at nine o'clock at night, it was glorious went to Wegmans. It was basically emptying all the aisles. And then we got home. We did unpack everything. I did take the time to make sure I wipe down all the counters after we put everything away and wash our hands. And But I couldn't I couldn't wrap my brain around. I heard people are leaving their groceries in their car overnight.

Erin:   14:30
Well, there there was a big, um, video that was making the rounds. You know, this guy was a doctor wearing a scrub, showing you how to do it. Clean side of the table, dirty side of the table, all the power to him. I watched it. I watched a little of it and I was like, No can do Babalu God, I just no, not happening. And then I saw on Twitter Friday a microbiologist or I think it was a microbiologist started a whole thread about everything that's wrong with the video and why you don't need to do that. So I mean, this is the problem with the information out there is. You don't know whose information is right. You know, this person says one thing. Someone else is something else. Um, I just and will link to it. I just listened to Dr Fauci cause he's the man and he was on wit Trevor. Noah. And so that's all I needed to see.

Kristin:   0:00
Yeah, no, I agree with that. And I think for me, part of it is not only my brain, but I think I have to limit the fear factor here in the house, Going back to my original what was happening with her daughter. And I just think that if she sees us bring all our groceries in and like, dip them in disinfectant, that just might She may never leave our house again. Right? Right. So All right, let's take a quick break. 

Kids:   0:00
Hello? You are currently listening to manic mommies. Um, today is Sunday. March. I don't know. And Ah, Hello, Kristin.    

Erin:   0:00
All right, we're back. So here's a new segment that I've come up with because, you know, what else have I got to do but just think about how to make manic Mommy's just so fun and enjoyable for our listeners s Oh, it's a new segment. I'm calling essential or nonessential, and I can't take full credit for it. because, actually, um, I it really is an idea that comes from the friend, one of my husband's friends, who said that his wife determined her vagina to be non essential. And I thought it was hilarious. So what other things are nonessential?

Kristin:   16:43
I told my husband that, and he asked me the other day when I would be declaring that essential, you know, since I had clearly shut it down. Um, we did open for business recently, and, um, on my to do list in the morning, it will be like, do the laundry, change the sheets do, Steve. and then I cross it off, so check,  

Erin:   17:10
But oh, my God. I mean, if you just want the cranky pants around the house, to just stop being cranky sometimes. Just like

Kristin:   17:19
came down this morning. He came down this morning. So it was last night. He came down this morning, and, uh, he's like, Good morning he's giving me a hug. I was like god. You're so easy. By the way, while we're getting into this as we get to the later one of our friends shared this thing, it said, Please do not mistake. My humor about the virus as a lack of seriousness or concern. Laughing through hard times happens to be how I got through my whole life. So, like that everyone to remember that through every single episode of this  

Erin:   17:50
It's true. I hope that people don't think we're making light of it because we are not an obviously, uh, we have great respect for all of the health care workers who are, you know, basically on the front lines of this thing every day. But this show is is meant to be a relief and some like humor And some just,  fun time. So here. Okay. So, I mean, if you want doom and gloom, you can just get on Twitter. There's plenty of it. So So Okay, so this a new segment, and we're gonna feature a listener every week. We're gonna call someone and ask them to play essential or nonessential. What do you think?  

Kristin:   18:32
I love that idea so much!  

Erin:   18:35
I don't know how we're gonna find  people and call them, but, well,  

Kristin:   18:41
you know what? Just put it out there into the universe, will figure

Erin:   18:44
okay, so essential or nonessential Hair color.

Kristin:   18:49
Oh, my gosh. Ah, I'm gonna go with non essential. Except I just ordered hot pink. And I am coloring my hair in the next couple of days because Mom has lost her mind. I was like, When else could I have pink hair? I work in banking,

Erin:   19:05
okay. Shaving or waxing?

Erin:   19:08
Oh, completely nonessential until it gets itchy. Deodorant stops working that I have to have it. I think the pits is essential. The legs non.

Erin:   19:21
Okay. All right. I'm not gonna ask about other areas. Uh oh. What about face waxing facial like random chin hairs or eye eyebrow?  

Kristin:   19:34
Wait, are you answering any of these? 

Erin:   19:39
No! I'm the host.  You were playing.  

Kristin:   19:41
Got it. I'm gonna go essential, because if I don't, my husband follows me around the house going like this. Let me just get it. Let me get it. Let me let me get it. Annoying you have a long one right here honey.  

Erin:   19:55
Oh, my God, That's so funny. Okay, so wait. So he could see a chin hair. But probably if you like, cut your hair off and color that pink. He wouldn't notice.

Kristin:   20:05
Yeah, No, he wouldn't. In fact, he was he. I mean, he's very excited about the pigtails that were happening here.

Erin:   20:12
Yeah. You look like Sophie about 10 years ago. Right now.

Kristin:   20:16
Thanks. Um, and the pink care? No, I don't think you could. I don't think he cares. But just, you know, you're sitting there having coffee and you've missed one. And the light just catches it just right so that it glistens in the early morning sun. And he's this and and I can tell because he looks and I swear his face changes or he's like, (jaws theme) and then I'm like "geta away from me." I finally got him to the point where he stops doing it in public.

Erin:   20:50
Oh, my God. That's hilarious.  

Erin:   20:51
Okay, um, home cooked meals essential or nonessential?

Kristin:   20:56
Completely essential, because apparently going out, um, stresses out my daughter.

Erin:   21:03
So are you doing any take out at all?

Kristin:   21:06
We haven't in probably. We did at the beginning of this. We got pizza, and then No, I've been cooking a lot. And quick tips such a domestic goddess now. I made pulled pork two weeks ago, and I got a huge, huge whatever you make that out of. And I  

Erin:   21:26
A butt usually

Kristin:   21:28
it was a big old butt. And, um, last night I defrosted the second half so we could have it again without I was feeling super pro  

Erin:   21:37
Look at you.  

Kristin:   21:38
Are you doing takeout?

Erin:   21:40
Yes. Once a week Take out to support local businesses and to keep me from not cooking every single night. So yeah. Yeah. Now we are doing take out.  

Kristin:   22:00
Ask me if they're well cooked meals every night.

Erin:   22:00
As you know, I didn't say well cooked. I Said home cooked.

Kristin:   22:01
There's been a lot of fend for yourself nights just mama can't deal or soup eating a lot of soup.

Erin:   22:09
Yes, Soup is good. Soup and grilled cheese. Okay, supervising your kid's education.  

Kristin:   22:17
Non essential.

Erin:   22:21
Seriously, you have teenagers if they can't figure it out. Although I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you, this little store, maybe here's the thing. I got an email from one of Tommy's teachers. Uh, this week, he sent all the parents and kids, and he was like, Is anyone logging on? Is anyone getting the emails? I'm sending. Has anyone done anything? Pretty much. Everybody was asking.

Kristin:   22:41
Check check. Can you hear me now You hear me? I this is this thing on?

Erin:   22:45
and I said to him, I said, I don't know if Tommy's doing his assignments or not, but I can tell you, as a parent it's very hard to get all these like e mails from various teachers. And you're just kind of hoping your kids are doing it. And I said, What would be really amazing for me is if if the teachers on Monday sent a list of the things that the kids should do that week, you know? And he was like, What a great idea. So he sends it out, and every day there's like, an assignment to do and turn in. And I'm like, not going to tell Tommy I was conversing with his teacher because this is your idea. Yeah, thank you.

Kristin:   23:21
So, um, when they both entered high school or no when they both got their public school email addresses, I logged in at the time, and I set it up so that whenever they get any mail, I get a copy. Um, and it's funny because I think they kind of they both knew it wasn't a secret, right? But like every now and then, I'll say something. Sophie, did you see that email from your math teacher who wanted to know if you were having trouble logging in to the math system. Since you hadn't done so where you can see, she's like, No, wait, how do you know about that? Right like. But I don't know that they've completely clicked into the fact that I'm getting these these emails. Um, she and I did talk about so He, he is 17. He does have to find his way. College is coming. She's 14. I feel like I can have a little more input. Um, and she and I were talking. She got some homework. She's like, I thought it wasn't being graded, and I was like, Okay, now it's not, but do you want to go back to school and have your teacher look at you and be like, Yeah, so would you'd do Since I didn't get anything back from you, she was, like, a fair point. So  

Erin:   24:37
yeah, uh, one of time speech Well, one of Tommy's teacher send something, and, um, it was so funny. I guess he did a YouTube video. This was accounting, you know, YouTube video. And he's like Um, and if you have any tips on how it can become a better youtuber, let me know, you know? So I said to Tommy, just just right back and give him a critique on his YouTube. Given some feedback on YouTube, then at least he'll know you watched the video. You You didn't do the assignment.  

Kristin:   25:06
I feel like I'm doing a better job on explaining them how to bullshit things, right. Like, just show enough. Did you know now when the May 4th thing came down? I did. They did both. Finally, listen to me. When I said for the 400th time, you should sign up to audit one of those college classes. There was this list of 450 free college classes, and so they both did sign up Anders signed up for an ethics class that was superheroes were somehow involved. So they got. And I was like, See, because college classes or cooler than high school classes, um, and then Sophie we were scrolling through and we were heading towards math classes. But then she ran across one called Women have always worked a history of women in the workforce. And so she decided to sign up for that. And then I decided I was gonna take it also from Columbia. So one of them's from Harvard, the other ones from Colombia. So I'm more focused on you know what, their mental health. And also I keep saying, like, it be cool? If you could say during this, I learned something else. Like, when are you gonna have this chance again in your life?

Erin:   26:19
Yeah. Um, we're not there yet. I got to say that boys and girls, I think are handling this differently. And I said this at dinner the other night. I said the people I know who have girls have a girl and a boy or have only girls, um, seemed to tell me that their girls are having a really hard time, like emotionally. Um, you know, they're having breakdowns there crying. They're getting off social media. They're sneaking out of the house their. You know these things, and I'm like, my boys are just they're like, whatevs. Just get on the best life. You can eat ice cream out of the container. Don't do school work. It's freaking awesome. They're playing, you know, um, what's that stupid game where you throw the beanbags and corn hole in the basement. They got their, you know, spike ball out of the garage. They I don't know. I mean, I just think boys - it's so interesting. Psychological differences are really playing out. And because I don't have a girl, I only obviously hear from only friends. But there seems to be there seems to be a theme going on.

Kristin:   27:31
We should do a survey. We should do survey on face on Facebook and ask people if they're boys or girls are handling it differently. Well, yeah, I'd be curious. Um, no. Sophie, Sophie and I had a nice talk about it the other day. She said, um, she's pretty self aware. I have to say, like, she'll be the first to say she's having anxiety or if she needs to talk to someone. And she said, I'm surprised how hard what a hard time I'm having because I would have told you that I'm really okay on my own. Like I really thought of myself as someone who could really manage on on her own. And she can She really can. But I think she underestimated the amount of I don't know, feedback or whatever whatever fed something fed a part of her soul going to school, you know, cause she used to say to me like I think I should be home school, I don't like school that much? And now she's like No, Like I was wrong. I would have done poorly in home school.

Erin:   28:31
It's really interesting. Okay, so essential or nonessential? Xbox time limits

Kristin:   28:39
I haven't even tried. I was not good at it before on I threatened to turn off the Internet at, like midnight. And my son was like, I don't play those kind of games. So that does zero to stop me. And I was like, oh.

Erin:   28:59
How about exercise? Essential for you?

Kristin:   29:03
Essential. I definitely didn't get out enough this week. I'm trying to get out. We have a basement workout room, but I need to get the hell out of this house. So but the kids have been working out. I have to give them credit for this. They've been working out every day they go down to the basement. We've got a treadmill. We've got Bowflex. We've got a, um some bike trainers. They've been going down there every day.

Erin:   30:03
Final question. I'm not these aren't all the questions, you know. So if because we have to play it more off if your listener and you're gonna play, you might get other questions asked of you. Um, but if you had two essential or nonessential Netflix

Kristin:   30:03

Erin:   30:03

Kristin:   30:03

Erin:   30:03
Amazon prime,

Kristin:   30:03
uh, for shopping. Not necessarily for watching. Don't watch much. 

Erin:   30:03

Kristin:   30:03

Erin:   30:03
Twitter. .

Kristin:   30:03
I could give that up.

Erin:   30:03
How about watching or reading the news every day?

Kristin:   30:10
I say essential, but I'm not happy about it. I tried to take it in a small, small chunks. I get myself half an hour in the morning. And like the evening news and then other than that, I try not to watch anything. Oh, and, um you know, whenever your governor is speaking or my governor, I watch those.

Erin:   30:32
All right, Kristin, thank you for playing. Essentially. All right, we're gonna take a break, and we'll be back to wrap this up,  

Kids:   30:41
but you both know that we have the power to turn off the internet to the house, right? Like, oh, that doesn't stop it stops the Xbox. Why? Oh, because you're not connecting to the internet. Uh  

Kristin:   30:58
okay, we're back. All right, so we're gonna wrap up with a couple of other things we were going to talk about, but, um, I realized you were asking. You asked me. You had a whole list. It was good. Like what? We were reading and watching this, um, right now. And I was thinking I am watching everything you would expect. I'm watching. I'm watching. Just scifi. Like Westworld, Altered carbon, Picard. I'm reading just junk. Just nothing serious. I cannot read anything serious. Um, I've been reading a lot of gen x articles and why we're going to survive Corona

Erin:   31:39
better than other generations.

Kristin:   31:41
Yes, that we're the unsung generation. Because we are the first latchkey kids. We were the kids that somebody said, You should get a pet rock, and we're like, cool We could keep ourself enteratained with that.  

Erin:   31:58
Pet rock oh my god,  

Kristin:   32:00
Well, in the generation that said, you need to sit on the couch and watch TV, and we're like, All right, we have more than four channels.  

Erin:   32:08
Oh, that's hilarious. That's an article that you read. We'll have to. We'll have to share the links.

Kristin:   32:15
There's like 24 of them, Like Gen X is, like, suddenly large and in charge. I mean, there are more serious ones about the fact that Gen X is also like we're with the teenagers. We have the aging parents. We have the jobs we have. Gen X is getting really hit hard by this. Those are not nearly as much fun as why. You know, we as Gen Xers are particularly well suited to settle in to the Coronavirus, has everything to do with the fact that we know how to be bored.

Erin:   32:44
Yeah. I mean, well, I have read those kind of articles in the past about Gen Xers and sort of the skill sets that we we, uh, have we bring to just about anything. Um, I am not. Are you watching that, tiger? Some people are all talking about this tiger show like on Netflix or something.

Kristin:   33:05
I'm not. And it it came. It escalated quickly. I really like that. Shows suddenly took over all my social media and nothing I read about it makes me want to watch it.  

Erin:   33:15
Yeah, me neither.  

Kristin:   33:16
Like nothing. Nothing  So So what do you read? Um, something serious?  

Erin:   33:22
No, but I'm reading completely. I have to say that my book group was scheduled to read the Testaments, which is the second part of, um, Handmaid's Tale. But we all we all decided that we're already living in a draconian alternate universe, and so we don't really want to read that right now. I am that my neighbor across the street was cleaning out her books and she was like, If anyone wants any of these books, I'll put them, you know, on the front porch or wherever. And so one of the books was Anna Karenina, which I don't know if you've ever seen.  

Kristin:   33:58
I just put my copy away,  

Erin:   34:01
Okay? So I said, I kind of want to get that and challenge myself to read it. And so she left it on my step, and Brendan brought it. And he goes, Mom, what is this? And I said, Oh, it's a book. I think I'm gonna try to read, you know? Well, we're spending a lot of time at home. He's like, you're going to read a book this long with type this small. Why would you do that? Remember, this is my kid who I don't think has ever actually read an entire book.

Kristin:   34:27
Not all heroes wear capes.

Erin:   34:30
It's like, yeah, so haven't cracked that open. But But watching? I just finished watching the Hillary Clinton docu-series on Hulu. Really. Really, really good. If you're interested at all, if you're not a Hillary fan, do not watch it.

Kristin:   34:45
Doesn't it hurt your heart? I feel it would feel like it would hurt my heart right now. I don't know that I can take that either.  

Erin:   34:53
It did make me sad, but it did also, you know, it's the reality, you know, thinking about Elizabeth Warren and some of the other women in this. Anyway, it was good. It was intellectually interesting. Very well done. Yeah, so we didn't have Hulu before. We recently upgraded to get Lulu and Disney Plus and I don't know ESPN plus, which doesn't matter, because they're no sports now, But

Erin:   35:19
we, um, just got something called Broadway HD, and it is a streaming service where they've it's Broadway shows. So Sophie and I just watched kinky boots, which was really good. We haven't gone back to watch anything else, but they had cats in there. The the real cats not the movie. Yeah, which I do want to watch.

Erin:   35:42
Oh, my God. I have no desire to watch that at all.  

Kristin:   35:45
Oh, I think I think if there's any time to get high and watch movie, it would be cats - not that I do that if I was someone who did that, right,  

Erin:   35:56
Well, you don't do that. And if you did, you'd probably do it with edibles anyway.

Kristin:   35:59
Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Kristin:   36:01
All right.

Erin:   36:01
So, um, we are getting to time on our show. So we just want to say one other thing that we want to be thinking about is something really joyful or fun or a good thing that happened in the past week. I have a couple of them, but one that I, um I'm really excited about was, um, a little ditty that I saw on YouTube called prom with your mom. And I think that we have to play a little bit of the sound so that our listeners can can hear that.  

Erin:   36:34
Music.... You're going to have to go to prom with your mom.  

Erin:   36:51
I mean as a person who has a graduating senior. I just It just spoke to me so much. Made me laugh. Maybe laugh out loud  

Kristin:   37:01
is you're so do you guys do a senior prom.

Erin:   37:04
Yes, we have. Well, it's called Senior Ball or something. And junior prom. So I'm I'm really know, like, really sad, because Tommy did go to junior prom last year, so at least have a photo of him in a tuxedo, Right? Um, yep. You know, the prom dance is no longer junior in the picture, but

Kristin:   37:24
we do junior prom, um, which apparently is they're going to do next year. They're going to a combined prom with the juniors and the seniors. To which my my son could care less.  

Erin:   37:35
Yeah. Let's say Tommy doesn't really He's, like, totally not a priority for him.  

Kristin:   37:40
So my moment of joy this week, um, was on Friday. Friday was a good day. Sophie and I sat on the back deck and we had lunch together sitting in the sun, and I said I actually wrote about this dude who's like, you know, the funny thing is, Sophie, this is what I always wanted. I always wanted to be home working, hanging out with you. I was like, you  I didn't want it like this. But if I can, at least just again bright side. You know, this moment right now, I can see I can I can see some joy in it. So

Erin:   38:15
it's what we have to do find the joy I have to do. Find the joy that

Kristin:   38:20
That and I manage. Clean my office. So that was pretty exciting. De cluttered.

Kristin:   38:25
I'm gonna be giving haircuts later in my house. Yesterday I went to my mother in law's. This also was joyful. I went to my mother in law and colored her hair for her, which she was very happy about. Um, I also colored my own hair using Madison Reed. Thank you very much. Except Madison Reed is completely overwhelmed, and their chat agents were unable to help me because they had too many other people on the line. Um, so that was my first time using that product. I think it's a good product. It doesn't have any ammonia, so it doesn't smell, which is wonderful, But I don't think it covered up my little greys as much as either. I didn't leave it on long enough for I don't know whatevs Yep.  

Kristin:   39:04
Yeah, the thing on the color is, since I bleach, there's not a darn thing I can do.

Erin:   39:08
Yeah, there's there's no hope for you just

Kristin:   39:11
know I am not taking that on so pink.  

Erin:   39:13
But I did. But I did do a nice job on my mother in law's hair. Um and so I do feel like if if after Corona virus I need another career, maybe I could go into hairdressing. So now I'm gonna try using using the clippers on the on Brendan's hair today. Buzz Cut.  

Kristin:   39:31
Oh, come. You go live with that So I can see. That's because my husband asked Sophie to do that, and she was like, No, well, I am not cutting your

Erin:   39:43
Yeah, I'll have to let you know how it goes. Well, you know, we'll see anyway.

Kristin:   39:48
All right, well, we should wrap this up. Our show is produced each week by Erin.

Erin:   39:54
Kristen is our editor and our new website developer. She actually got the website up and running last week.  

Kristin:   40:00
It's getting there.  

Erin:   40:02

Kristin:   40:04
We're also back up on Twitter. We have a new instagram. Okay, Could not get the instagram back. So that is manic Mommy's teen years.

Erin:   40:12
Oh, nice on

Kristin:   40:13
Instagram. We're back on the YouTube. If you like our show, please help spread the word and tell three friends or a leave review for us on apple podcasts, stitcher Spotify or any of the other gazillion places.  

Erin:   41:08
You can even ask Alexa to play the manic mommy's podcast. I tried it out, and it words very exciting. So until next time, everyone have a great manic week 

Kristin:   41:08

Erin:   41:08
 you're listening. The manic mommy's the podcast for mom's trying to raise teenagers in a quarantine. The podcast for Mom's just trying to take it one day at a time. Podcast for Mom's trying to survive the day, The podcasts for moms just trying to make it to wine time, still trying to do it all how about  that still trying to do it all